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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Halbart Male Brilliant hero English
Halbert Male Brilliant hero English
Halburt Male Brilliant hero English
Haldane Male Half Dane Scandinavian
Halden Male Half Dane Scandinavian
Halfdan Male Half Dane Old Norse
Halford Male Valley ford English
Hali Male The sea Greek
Hallam Male Lives at the hall's slopes English
Halley Male Meadow near the hall English
Halliwell Male Lives by the holy spring English
Hall Male From the manor Old English
Hall Male That which is covered Old English
Hallwell Male Lives by the holy spring English
Hal Male Rules his household English
Halsey Male From Hal's island English
Halsig Male From Hal's island English
Halstead Male From the manor house English
Halton Male From the hillslope estate English
Halvard Male Gardian of the rock Old Norse
Halvdan Male Half Dane Old Norse