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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Gilad Male Camel hump Hebrew
Gilbert Male Illustrious pledge English
Gilberto Male Illustrious pledge Spanish
Gilbride Male Serves Saint Bridget Unknown
Gilburt Male Illustrious pledge English
Gilchrist Male Serves Christ Irish
Gildas Male Gilded or golden Unknown
Gildas Male Serves God Celtic
Gildea Male Serves God Celtic
Giles Male Shield bearer French
Gilibeirt Male Illustrious pledge Gaelic
Gili Male Eternal joy Hebrew
Gilleabart Male Illustrious pledge Scottish
Gillermo Male Resolute protector Spanish
Gilles Male Shield bearer French
Gilley Male Serves Christ English
Gilli Male Eternal joy Hebrew
Gil Male Eternal joy Hebrew
Gil Male Illustrious pledge Spanish
Gil Male Serves Christ Irish
Gil Male Shield bearer Greek
Gilmar Male Famous hostage Old English
Gilmat Male Sword bearer Irish
Gilmer Male Famous hostage Old English
Gilmer Male Sword bearer Irish
Gilmore Male Sword bearer Irish
Gilroy Male Serves the king Irish
Gilvarry Male Serves Christ Unknown