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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Bowen Male Son of Owen Welsh
Bowyn Male Son of Owen Welsh
Brice Male Strength or valor Welsh
Bryce Male Strength or valor Welsh
Brycen Male Son of the strong one Welsh
Bryceton Male Town of strength Welsh
Bryson Male Son of the strong one Welsh
Bryston Male Town of strength Welsh
Caddock Male Eager for war Welsh
Cairn Male Piled stones Welsh
Cary Male Desendant of the dark one Welsh
Colwyn Male A river in Wales Welsh
Davidson Male Son of David Welsh
Davis Male Son of David Welsh
Davison Male Son of David Welsh
Dylan Male Son of the sea Welsh
Gareth Male Son of Lot Welsh
Garnock Male Dweller by the alder tree Welsh
Gavan Male White falcon Welsh
Gaven Male White falcon Welsh
Gavin Male White falcon Welsh
Gavyn Male White falcon Welsh
Gawain Male Eldest son of Lot Welsh
Gawain Male White falcon Welsh
Gawen Male White falcon Welsh
Gawyn Male White falcon Welsh
Gerwin Male Fair love Welsh
Griffin Male Red or ruddy Welsh
Griffith Male A murderer Welsh
Griffith Male Fierce warrior Welsh
Griffyth Male A murderer Welsh
Gwen Male Mythical son of Gwastad Welsh
Gwern Male Mythical son of Matholwch Welsh
Gwri Male Of the golden hair Welsh
Gwynham Male Mythical father of Teithi Welsh
Inek Male White river Welsh
Iolo Male The Lord is worthy Welsh
Kai Male Keeper of the keys Welsh
Kent Male Bright or white Welsh
Kent Male County in SE England Welsh
Llewellyn Male Lion like Welsh
Llewelyn Male Lion like Welsh
Lloyd Male Gray haired Welsh
Lloyd Male Grey haired Welsh
Maddox Male Benefactor's son Welsh
Newlin Male New lake Welsh
Newlyn Male From the new spring Welsh
Owen Male Well born Welsh
Price Male Son of the ardent one Welsh
Romney Male Winding river Welsh
Ryence Male A Welsh king Welsh
Ryons Male A Welsh king Welsh
Trahern Male Strong as iron Welsh
Tristen Male Tumult or outcry Welsh