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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Anneliese Female Full of grace Scandinavian
Anneliese Female Gracious or God is my oath Scandinavian
Bodil Female Compensation for war Scandinavian
Brandyce Female Beverage brandy Scandinavian
Dayna Female From Denmark Scandinavian
Dayne Female From Denmark Scandinavian
Elsa Female God is my oath Scandinavian
Erica Female Eternal ruler Scandinavian
Gustava Female Staff of the Goths Scandinavian
Hedvige Female Battle maiden Scandinavian
Hedvig Female Battle maiden Scandinavian
Hester Female Evening star Scandinavian
Jans Female God is gracious Scandinavian
Jette Female A deep or glossy black Scandinavian
Khristina Female Follower of Christ Scandinavian
Kristine Female Follower of Christ Scandinavian
Krystine Female Follower of Christ Scandinavian
Linnea Female Lime tree Scandinavian
Malene Female From the high tower Scandinavian
Marika Female Bitter or sea of bitterness Scandinavian
Mikko Female Who is like God Scandinavian
Oletha Female Light or nimble Scandinavian
Rhonda Female Rough island Scandinavian
Sunniva Female Gift of the sun Scandinavian
Svanhild Female Battle swan Scandinavian
Teal Female Blue green Scandinavian
Tira Female Thor's battle Scandinavian
Tyra Female Thor's battle Scandinavian
Vilhelmine Female Resolute protector Scandinavian