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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Ashley Unisex Meadow of ash trees Old English
Ashton Unisex Ash tree enclosure Old English
Carson Unisex Son of Carr Old English
Chandler Unisex Maker of candles Old English
Cody Unisex Cushion Old English
Dane Unisex From Denmark Old English
Fox Unisex Cunning Old English
Green Unisex Green Old English
Hadley Unisex From the heather covered meadow Old English
Houston Unisex City in Texas USA Old English
Kendall Unisex Valley of the river Kent Old English
Kimberley Unisex Fortress meadow Old English
Lake Unisex Pool of liquid Old English
Lane Unisex A narrow country road Old English
Lee Unisex Dweller near the wood or clearing Old English
Lindsay Unisex Island of linden trees Old English
London Unisex Capital of the United Kingdom Old English
London Unisex Fortress Old English
Payton Unisex A town or settlement Old English
Red Unisex Redhead Old English
Riley Unisex Dweller by the rye field Old English
Saffron Unisex Unknown Old English
Silver Unisex Lustrous Old English
Spencer Unisex Dispenser of provisions Old English
Tory Unisex Victory Old English
Tyne Unisex A river in England Old English
Wesley Unisex A clearing in the west Old English
Whitney Unisex White island Old English
Winter Unisex Cold Old English