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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Elki Male Hanging over the top Miwok
Elsu Male Soaring falcon Miwok
Enyeto Male Walks Like a bear Miwok
Helki Male To touch Miwok
Hesutu Male Yellow jacket's nest rising from the ground Miwok
Howi Male Turtle dove Miwok
Kosumi Male Spear fisher Miwok
Leyti Male Shaped like an abalone shell Miwok
Lise Male Salmon's head rising above water Miwok
Liwanu Male Growling bear Miwok
Lokni Male Rain falls through the roof Miwok
Misu Male Rippling water Miwok
Molimo Male Bear walking into shade Miwok
Muata Male Yellow jackets inside a nest Miwok
Notaku Male Growling bear Miwok
Sewati Male Curved bear claw Miwok
Sipatu Male Pulled out Miwok
Teluhci Male Bear making dust Miwok
Telutci Male Bear making dust Miwok
Tuketu Male Bear making dust Miwok
Tumu Male Deer thinking of eating wild onions Miwok
Tupi Male To pull up Miwok
Uzumati Male Grizzly bear Miwok
Wilu Male Chicken hawk squawking Miwok
Wuyi Male Soaring turkey vulture Miwok