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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Hateya Female To press with the foot Miwok
Helki Female To touch Miwok
Huata Female To carry seeds Miwok
Huyana Female Rain falling Miwok
Kaliska Female Coyote chasing deer Miwok
Litonya Female Hummingbird darting Miwok
Malila Female Salmon going fast up a rippling stream Miwok
Omusa Female Missing when shooting with arrows Miwok
Papina Female A vine growing on an oak tree Miwok
Pati Female Fish basket Miwok
Posala Female Farewell to spring flowers Miwok
Sapata Female Dancing bear Miwok
Sipatu Female Pulled out Miwok
Sitala Female Display memory Miwok
Sonoma Female Ground place Miwok
Suleta Female To fly around Miwok
Taipa Female Flying quail Miwok
Tolikna Female Coyote's long ears flapping Miwok
Yenene Female Medicine man Miwok
Yutu Female Coyote out hunting Miwok