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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Aiko Female Little love Japanese
Akasuki Female Fond of red Japanese
Azami Female Thistle flower Japanese
Chikako Female Child of wisdom Japanese
Chiyo Female A thousand generations Japanese
Chiyoko Female Child of a thousand generations Japanese
Chizu Female A thousand storks Japanese
Etsuko Female Child of delight Japanese
Gen Female Source or spring Japanese
Hanako Female Flower child Japanese
Harue Female Spring tree branch Japanese
Haruko Female Spring child Japanese
Hatsu Female First born Japanese
Hideyo Female Superior generation Japanese
Hisano Female Long plain Japanese
Hoshiko Female Child of the star Japanese
Imako Female Present child Japanese
Junko Female Child of obedience Japanese
Kameko Female Tortoise child Japanese
Kameyo Female Tortoise generation Japanese
Kane Female Multiple accomplishments Japanese
Kazuko Female Obedient child Japanese
Kikuko Female Crysanthemum child Japanese
Kimi Female Without equal Japanese
Kimiko Female Child without equal Japanese
Kimiyo Female Generation child Japanese
Kiwa Female Born on the border Japanese
Kiwako Female Border child Japanese
Kiyo Female Happy generations Japanese
Ko Female Devoted child Japanese
Kohana Female Flower child Japanese
Koma Female Term of endearment Japanese
Komako Female Pony child Japanese
Kukiko Female Snow child Japanese
Kuni Female Born in the country Japanese
Machi Female Ten thousand thousand Japanese
Matsu Female Pine tree Japanese
Matsuko Female Pine tree child Japanese
Mikie Female Main branch Japanese
Mineko Female Child of the peak Japanese
Mitsuko Female Child of the light Japanese
Miyuki Female Silence of deep snow Japanese
Morie Female Branch of the forest Japanese
Namiko Female Child of the wave Japanese
Ran Female Water lily Japanese
Sakura Female Cherry blossom Japanese
Setsuko Female Child of faithfulness Japanese
Shizko Female Child of calmness Japanese
Shizue Female Calm inlet Japanese
Shizuyo Female Calm generation Japanese
Suki Female Fond of Japanese
Suzuki Female Bell tree Japanese
Takeko Female Bamboo child Japanese
Tamako Female Jewel child Japanese
Tamiko Female People child Japanese
Tsuhgi Female Second born child Japanese
Umeko Female Plub blossom child Japanese
Yukiko Female Snow child Japanese