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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Alana Female An offering Hawaiian
Alani Female Orange tree Hawaiian
Alaula Female Light of dawn Hawaiian
Anuhea Female Cool mountain breeze Hawaiian
Aolani Female Heavenly cloud Hawaiian
Haunani Female Heavenly dew Hawaiian
Kawena Female The glow Hawaiian
Kiana Female Favored grace Hawaiian
Laka Female Goddess of the hula Hawaiian
Lani Female Heaven or sky Hawaiian
Lei Female Path of Lei's Hawaiian
Leilani Female Heavenly flower Hawaiian
Makani Female The wind Hawaiian
Mamo Female Yellow bird Hawaiian
Mililani Female Heavenly caress Hawaiian
Noelani Female A heavenly mist Hawaiian
Pualani Female Heavenly flower Hawaiian
Uluwehi Female Growing in beauty Hawaiian
Wainani Female Beautiful water Hawaiian
Wehilani Female Heavenly adornment Hawaiian