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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Ahtunowhiho Male One who lives below Cheyenne
Avonaco Male Leaning bear Cheyenne
Hahkethomemah Male Little robe Cheyenne
Harkahome Male Little robe Cheyenne
Heammawihio Male Wise one above Cheyenne
Heskovizenako Male Porcupine bear Cheyenne
Hiamovi Male High chief Cheyenne
Hohnihohkaiyohos Male High backed wolf Cheyenne
Honiahaka Male Little wolf Cheyenne
Hotuaekhaashtait Male Tall bull Cheyenne
Kohkahycumest Male White crow or white antelope Cheyenne
Kuckunniwi Male Little wolf Cheyenne
Mantotohpa Male Four bears Cheyenne
Meturato Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Mokatavatah Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Moketavato Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Moketaveto Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Moketoveto Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Mokovaoto Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Motavato Male Black kettle Cheyenne
Nahcomence Male Oldbark antelope Cheyenne
Nahiossi Male Has three fingers Cheyenne
Neeheeoeewootis Male High backed wolf Cheyenne
Ocumwhowurst Male Yellow wolf Cheyenne
Ocunnowhurst Male Yellow wolf Cheyenne
Ohcumgache Male Little wolf Cheyenne
Okhmhaka Male Little wolf Cheyenne
Otoahhastis Male Tall bull Cheyenne
Otoahnacto Male Bull bear Cheyenne
Shoemowetochawcawe Male High backed wolf Cheyenne
Tahkeome Male Little robe Cheyenne
Tahmelapachme Male Dull knife Cheyenne
Vaiveahtoish Male Alights on the cloud Cheyenne
Vipponah Male Slim face Cheyenne
Vohkinne Male Roman nose Cheyenne
Voistitoevitz Male White cow Cheyenne
Voisttitoevetz Male White cow Cheyenne
Vokivocummast Male White antelope Cheyenne
Wahanassatta Male He who walks with his toes turned outward Cheyenne
Waquini Male Hook nose Cheyenne
Wohehiv Male Dull knife Cheyenne
Wokaihwokomas Male White antelope Cheyenne