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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Ahanu Male He laughs Algonquian
Askuwheteau Male He keeps watch Algonquian
Eluwilussit Male Holy one Algonquian
Enkoodabaoo Male One who lives alone Algonquian
Etchemin Male Canoe man Algonquian
Makkapitew Male He has large teeth Algonquian
Matchitehew Male He has an evil heart Algonquian
Matchitisiw Male He has bad character Algonquian
Megedagik Male Kills many Algonquian
Mingan Male Gray wolf Algonquian
Pannoowau Male He lies Algonquian
Samoset Male He walks over much Algonquian
Sunukkuhkau Male He crushes Algonquian
Waban Male East wind Algonquian