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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Wachiwi Female Dancing girl Sioux
Wainani Female Beautiful water Hawaiian
Walborgd Female Protecting ruler German
Waldhurga Female Protecting ruler Unknown
Waleis Female From Wales English
Wallace Female From Wales English
Wallis Female From Wales English
Wanda Female Young tree German
Wawetseka Female Pretty woman Potawatomi
Wehilani Female Heavenly adornment Hawaiian
Welsie Female From the west English
Welss Female From the west English
Wenda Female Light skinned Welsh
Wendi Female Light skinned Welsh
Wendy Female Light skinned Welsh
Wenhaver Female Arthur's queen Old English
Wenona Female Firstborn daughter Unknown
Weslee Female Western meadow Old English
Weslia Female Western meadow English
Whitley Female White meadow Old English
Whitney Female White island Old English
Whitney Female White island Old English
Wicapi wakan Female Holy star Dakota
Wido Female Warrior maiden Unknown
Wilhelmina Female Resolute protector German
Wilhelmine Female Resolute protector German
Willa Female Resolute protector German
Willow Female Graceful or slender English
Willow Female Graceful or Slender English
Wilma Female Resolute protector German
Wilona Female Hoped for English
Wilone Female Hoped for English
Winifreda Female Peaceful friend German
Winifred Female Peaceful friend German
Winifride Female Peaceful friend German
Winifrid Female Peaceful friend German
Winnie Female White or fair Celtic
Winola Female Gracious friend German
Winona Female First born daughter Sioux
Wynda Female Light skinned Welsh
Wynne Female Fair or white Old English
Wynne Female White or fair Old English
Wynnie Female White or fair Old English
Wyome Female Large plain Algonquian