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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Tabora Female Plays a small drum Arabic
Tahlia Female Lamb or lambkin Hebrew
Taini Female New moon Omaha
Taipa Female Flying quail Miwok
Taite Female Pleasant and bright Old English
Tait Female Pleasant and bright Old English
Takala Female Corn tassel Hopi
Takeko Female Bamboo child Japanese
Tal Female Dew of heaven Hebrew
Talia Female Dew of heaven Hebrew
Taliah Female Dew of heaven Hebrew
Talitha Female Young girl Arabic
Talora Female Morning's dew Hebrew
Talori Female Morning's dew Hebrew
Talulah Female Leaping water Choctaw
Talya Female Dew of heaven Hebrew
Tamako Female Jewel child Japanese
Tamara Female Palm tree Hebrew
Tamarah Female Palm tree Hebrew
Tamar Female Palm tree Hebrew
Tamiko Female People child Japanese
Tamra Female Palm tree Hebrew
Tamryn Female Palm tree Hebrew
Tangerina Female Reddish orange Unknown
Tangerine Female Reddish orange Unknown
Tania Female Fairy princess Russian
Tanis Female Fairy queen Slavic
Tansy Female Name of a flower Hopi
Tanya Female Fairy princess Russian
Tarin Female High hill Irish
Tarynn Female High hill Irish
Tashia Female Born at Christmas Slavic
Tassa Female Born at Christmas Slavic
Tate Female Light hearted Old English
Tate Female Measure of land Unknown
Tate Female Pleasant and bright Old English
Tatiana Female Fairy princess Russian
Tatum Female Light hearted English
Tayanita Female Young beaver Cherokee
Taylor Female To cut French
Tayte Female Light hearted English
Tayte Female Pleasant and bright English
Teagan Female Good looking Welsh
Teal Female Blue green English
Teal Female Blue green Scandinavian
Teddi Female Gift of God English
Teela Female Blue green English
Tegan Female Good looking Welsh
Teige Female Good looking Welsh
Teme Female Without flaw Hebrew
Temima Female Without flaw Hebrew
Tempest Female Turbulent or stormy French
Temple Female Medieval priories and settlements Old English
Teodora Female Gift of God Czech
Terceira Female Born third Unknown
Terra Female From the earth Latin
Thadina Female Given praise Unknown
Thadine Female Given praise Unknown
Thalia Female Comedy and poetry Greek
Thekla Female Divine glory Greek
Themis Female Goddess of justice Greek
Theodora Female God's gift Greek
Theodosia Female Gift from God Greek
Theophania Female God has appeared Greek
Theophilia Female God's love Greek
Thora Female Thunder Old Norse
Tiahna Female Fairy princess Greek
Tiane Female Fairy princess Greek
Tianna Female Fairy princess Greek
Tiauna Female Fairy princess Greek
Tiberia Female Of the Tiber river Italian
Tilda Female Mighty battle maiden German
Tilde Female Mighty battle maiden German
Tilly Female Mighty battle maiden German
Timothea Female Honoring God English
Tina Female A follower of Christ Greek
Tionna Female Fairy princess Greek
Tiponi Female Child of importance Hopi
Tipper Female Water pourer Irish
Tira Female Thor's battle Scandinavian
Tis-see-woo-na-tis Female She who bathes with her knees Cheyenne
Tivona Female Lover of nature Hebrew
Tolikna Female Coyote's long ears flapping Miwok
Topaz Female Brownish yellow Greek
Tora Female Thunder Old Norse
Tordis Female Thor's goddess Old Norse
Torey Female Watchtower Old English
Toriana Female Triumphant Old English
Tori Female Triumphant Old English
Torra Female Victory from the castle Old English
Torree Female Victory Old English
Torrey Female Triumphant Old English
Torrie Female Triumphant Old English
Torri Female Victory Old English
Torunn Female Loved by Thor Old Norse
Tory Female Victory Old English
Tosha Female Born at Christmas Greek
Tova Female Beautiful Thor Swedish
Tove Female Beautiful Thor Danish
Tricia Female An aristocrat Latin
Trinetta Female Little innocent Greek
Trinette Female Little innocent Greek
Trixie Female Brings joy American
Truda Female Beloved warrior German
Trudchen Female Beloved warrior German
Trude Female Beloved warrior German
Tryamon Female A fairy princess Old English
Tsuhgi Female Second born child Japanese
Tuesday Female Third day of the month Old English
Tulsa Female City in Oklahoma USA American
Tusa Female Prairie dog Zuni
Tyche Female Goddess of fortune Greek
Tyler Female Tile maker French
Tyne Female A river in England Old English
Tyra Female Thor's battle Scandinavian