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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Palmira Female From the city of palms Spanish
Pamela Female Sweet Old English
Pamuy Female Water moon Hopi
Panama Female Republic in S Central America Spanish
Pandora Female Highly gifted Greek
Pangiota Female Very holy Greek
Panthea Female Of every God Greek
Papina Female A vine growing on an oak tree Miwok
Parthenie Female A maiden Greek
Pascala Female Born at Easter French
Pascale Female Born at Easter French
Pascaline Female Born at Easter French
Pasclina Female Born at Easter French
Patience Female To endure Latin
Pati Female Fish basket Miwok
Patrizia Female Noble or well born Spanish
Pavati Female Clear water Hopi
Payton Female Noble woman Irish
Pazi Female Yellow bird Ponca
Peace Female Calm or tranquil English
Pelagia Female The sea Greek
Pelipa Female Lover of horses Zuni
Penarddun Female Mythical daughter of Beli Celtic
Penny Female Bobbin worker Greek
Pepita Female He shall add Hebrew
Perke Female Devoted to God Unknown
Persephone Female Goddess of spring Greek
Persia Female Ancient empire in W and SW Asia Latin
Perzsi Female Devoted to God Unknown
Perzsike Female Devoted to God Unknown
Peta Female Golden eagle Blackfoot
Petah Female Golden eagle Blackfoot
Petrina Female A rock Greek
Petronille Female Small rock Greek
Petunia Female Flower name Unknown
Phaidra Female Bright one Greek
Philipinna Female Loves horses Spanish
Philippa Female Lover of horses Greek
Philippine Female Loves horses Spanish
Phillipa Female Lover of horses Greek
Philomena Female Lover of strength Greek
Philothea Female Loving God Greek
Phoebe Female Bright one Greek
Pilar Female Column or pillar Spanish
Pippa Female Lover of horses Greek
Polikwaptiwa Female Butterfly sitting on a flower Hopi
Polyhymnia Female Sacred song Greek
Posala Female Farewell to spring flowers Miwok
Precious Female Highly valued Latin
Pridwyn Female Name of Arthur's ship Old English
Princess Female Daughter of royalty Old English
Proxy Female Empowered by another Latin
Prydwyn Female Name of Arthur's ship Old English
Ptaysanwee Female White buffalo Sioux
Pualani Female Heavenly flower Hawaiian
Puebla Female From the city Spanish