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Name Sex Meaning Origin
Oasis Female Fertile area in a desert Greek
Obharnait Female Little green one Irish
Odahingum Female Rippling water Chippewa
Odanda Female Famous land Unknown
Oddveig Female Battle maiden Old Norse
Odeletta Female Little spring French
Odelette Female Little spring French
Odessa Female Seaport in S Ukraine Russian
Ogin Female Wild rose Unknown
Oifa Female Mythical sister of Ove Celtic
Oihane Female From the forest Unknown
Oilell Female A mythical queen Celtic
Olaug Female Dedicated to the ancestors Old Norse
Oldwina Female Special friend English
Oldwin Female Special friend English
Oldwyn Female Special friend English
Oletha Female Light or nimble Scandinavian
Olexa Female Defender of mankind Greek
Olinda Female Defender of the land Spanish
Olive Female Olive tree Latin
Olivia Female Olive tree Latin
Olwen Female Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden Celtic
Olwyn Female Daughter of a giant Celtic
Olwyn Female Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden Celtic
Oma Female Little green one Irish
Omah Female Cedar tree Hebrew
Omat Female Little green one Irish
Omette Female Cedar tree Hebrew
Ominotago Female Pleasant voice Chippewa
Omusa Female Missing when shooting with arrows Miwok
Onawa Female Wide awake Unknown
Onida Female The one searched for Unknown
Oota dabun Female Day star Algonquian
Opal Female Precious stone Hindi
Ops Female Goddess of the earth Roman
Orabel Female Beautiful seacoast Greek
Orabelle Female Beautiful seacoast Greek
Ora Female Beautiful seacoast Greek
Ora Female The Lord is my light Hebrew
Orah Female The Lord is my light Hebrew
Oralee Female The Lord is my light Hebrew
Ordalf Female Elfin spear Unknown
Ordella Female Elfin spear Unknown
Orenda Female Magic power Iroquois
Orghlaith Female Golden Old English
Orguelleuse Female An arrogant lady Old English
Oriana Female To rise Latin
Orla Female Golden lady Old English
Orlaithe Female Golden lady Old English
Orlaith Female Golden lady Old English
Ornetta Female Cedar tree Hebrew
Orva Female Worth gold French
Orzora Female God's strength Hebrew
Orzsebet Female Devoted to God Hebrew
Otilie Female Fortunate heroine Slavic
Otka Female Fortunate heroine Slavic
Otthilda Female Fortunate heroine German
Otthilde Female Fortunate heroine German
Otthild Female Fortunate heroine German
Ottila Female Fortunate heroine German
Ottilia Female Fortunate heroine German
Ottilie Female Little wealthy one Unknown
Otylia Female Fortunate heroine German
Ove Female Mythical daughter of Dearg Celtic
Owena Female Born to nobility Welsh